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9 Steps for Getting Your Stolen Bike Back

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So, your motorbike has been stolen. Once you recover from that initial disbelief—and the punched-in-the-gut feeling that follows—you can experience helplessness. Your favorite component inside the international has been taken. Your means of having around is gone. Your faith in humanity has been shattered. What’s left but to curve up on the sidewalk and wait for the crushing melancholy to subside?

Stolen Bike Back
But now’s not the time for panic or self-defeat. It’s the time to spring into motion. Think tremendous and function underneath the idea that you may get better than that bike. (Like a sure character in Taken, you have a particular set of competencies—abilities that make you a nightmare for motorbike thieves.) There are plenty of assets obtainable which could assist. Take a second to shake your fist at the sky, and then follow those nine tips to get your motorbike adequately returned on your ownership.

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Did you report your bike’s serial variety? This is your fine chance of tracking and reporting the theft. If your motorcycle hasn’t yet been stolen, forestall reading this newsletter now, locate your serial quantity, and write it down. It’s commonly located on the lowest bracket (though now and again, it’s discovered on the pinnacle tube, rear dropout, or someplace else at the motorcycle). Once you have got the number, register your bike with Bike Index, the maximum success bike registry globally in phrases of recoveries.

While you’re at it, take photos of your motorcycle and every other documentation you might have, like your receipt. This isn’t overkilled: No one ever thinks theft will manifest to them till they’re watching a damaged U-lock dangling from an empty motorbike rack. Notify neighborhood law enforcement officials that your motorbike has been stolen. Have an officer come and take down the file, if you could, or visit the station along with your data, together with the bike’s serial wide variety, make, model, and pix for the report. If you have got any video pictures of the incident—or understand any surveillance cameras within the place—include that info with the document.

Register that your motorcycle has become stolen at Bike Index, the National Bike Registry (recently merged with 529 Garage), and any local registries that exist in your town. Bike Index is your pleasant guess: Not most effective does it forged a miles wider internet, but it makes use of an open-information API that may be pulled into any website and without problems accessed using anyone, so more and more town registries and police departments are pooling their statistics there. Include as a lot of information as you can. (Again, write down your serial number now so you’ll have it later.)

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