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Days Gone Motorbike Guide: How to Go Faster, Brake, Tricks & More

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Developed with the aid of Bend Studio, Days Gone is a contemporary first-celebration unique game advanced for the PS4. Here’s the whole lot you want to realize approximately how the bike works in Days Gone.
How to Use the Motorbike in Days Gone
Basic Controls
The motorbike controls are pretty a good deal what you’d assume from any online game with vehicular travel.
R2: Accelerate
L2: Reverse
Circle: Drift
Square: Get off/at the motorbike
X: Nitrous booster, if applicable
General movement on the bike is pretty truthful, and a maximum of the time, you’ll simply be using the accelerator to govern your speed and make slow turns.
To navigate sharp corners, you’ll want to make use of the circle button to flow. Whenever you enter a sharp flip, faucet the circle button gently to reduce your velocity a bit, whilst also using the left stick to turn the nook.
Days Gone Bike Fuel and Health
In addition to simply driving the bike round in Days Gone, you’ll additionally need to preserve an eye on its engine and gas level.
In order to surely ride the motorbike, it desires to be crowned up with gasoline, which you may take a look at within the decrease proper corner of the screen. When it’s completely out of fuel, you won’t be capable of accelerating. Instead, you’ll need to make use of most effective the left stick to stroll the motorbike around and get it to the closest camp.
You also must hold a watch on motorbike fitness, also indicated inside the decrease proper corner of the display screen. Your motorcycle takes damage while you ram into things or whilst you slam onto the ground a little too hard. If your motorcycle health is depleted, you’ll need to repair the engine or it gained’t pass.

Fuel may be located by way of checking your map and searching out the white fuel icon. This icon shows an area wherein you can discover pink fuel cans, which might be used to replenish the tank. Simply select up the can, stroll for your motorbike, and preserve the circle button to fill it up.
On the other hand, Scrap is needed to restore your motorbike’s fitness. Scrap is easily observed by scavenging deserted vehicles, and you can repair your bike’s engine via retaining the circle button while next to it.
If you’re at a camp, you could also get the motorcycle seller to the provider and refuel the motorbike on the fee of some Credits. Bike providers can also retrieve your motorbike for a rate, in case you left it out within the open global.
Lastly, the motorcycle is likewise used for the immediate journey. To rapid travel, you want to be close to your motorcycle, then pick a vacation spot out of your map and speedy travel there. You do want to have enough gasoline for the journey, although, or it received paintings.
Motorbike Tricks
Unfortunately, you may do anything overly fancy with the motorcycle in Days Gone.
The coolest factor you may do with its miles jump a short hole, that’s accomplished by using gaining a piece of speed, then riding off a ramp and making it over to the opposite side.
What you’ll want to do first is install a nitrous booster, which can be sold from the seller at both Copeland or Iron Mike’s camp. With it hooked up, press X proper as you’re drawing close a ramp to advantage a speed boost, and so one can effortlessly propel you over the space.
Customizing the Motorbike in Days Gone
Lastly, the motorcycle in Days Gone can also be customized and upgraded to your liking.
This can be finished on the bike providers in the numerous camps around the world, provided your Trust stage is excessive sufficient. Increasing Trust will release better improvements to improve your motorbike’s fitness, fuel capability, traction, and suspension.
As you progress thru the tale, you’ll also unlock new decals for the bike to give it a bit extra aptitude.
That’s all you need to recognize how the motorcycle works in Days Gone. Be certain to check our Days Gone guide wiki for more suggestions and facts on the sport.

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