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Epic Motorsports focuses on magical custom automobile makeovers

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Acts from car proprietors who have heard of his work and want his services. Each year, invited to Bahrain and Dubai to paintings on the automobiles owned by Sheik Mohammed and Sheik Ali. He became there this past spring, wherein he had 35 automobiles to work on. Berger recalls being a little bit nervous on that first experience. He could carry no person, now not even his wife. Aides met him at the airport and whisked him off to a royal plaza courtyard place. He had to order elements he idea he wanted and turned into organized to fabricate if need be. Though the paintings become familiar, he wasn’t prepared for the extreme heat. “When I was given there, I felt unwell. I stated I hope I didn’t come all this manner to have a heart attack. After downing a few Gatorade, I was nice,” he recalled.

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Moving truck recuperation

One of Berger’s maximum current demanding situations has been to repair a 1925 International shifting truck for Otto Nelson Moving & Storage. The venture turned into an engaging challenge for Berger and his team. It changed into a love blend that realized a dream of George Follensbee, the Otto Nelson president, to recreate that truck as it were for the duration of its era. Follensbee said he found the truck in Nebraska. It was a protracted distance-shifting truck out to California. He said he would use it for marketing and promotional purposes. “It’s a bit of history,” he explained.

The healing, which becomes a finished ultimate month, becomes completed in time for the Otto Nelson Moving & Storage enterprise’s centesimal anniversary. “It became cool; I’ve by no means seen something like this,” Berger stated. It turned hard to locate a number of the components he wished. It became an undertaking that had him the use of metallic and wooden elements. He needed to do lots of fabricating, and since the truck has a wooden floor in each cab and inside the cargo bay, he needed to do a little woodwork refinishing. Since the truck had a cracked engine block, he needed to do a little engine work, do paintings on the chassis of transmission, and make many adjustments.

Follensbee became ever so grateful for the completed mission.

On the Otto Nelson website, he said, “I found this truck thru the assist of a long-term buddy Bruce Anthony, and I realized we wanted to assist in getting it finished the right way. Kelly and his group are remarkable. What he could not locate, he made. Kelly has MacGyver thoughts and did a finger down outstanding activity.”

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