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Fortnite: Week 9 Secret Battle Star Location Guide (Season 9 Utopia Challenge)

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Week 9’s challenges are actually live in Fortnite, providing you with any other chance to degree your Battle Pass up and unencumber extra Season 9 rewards. Each undertaking you clear will reward you with Battle Stars; however, in case you manage to complete all seven from a given week, you will find additionally entire one among this season’s Utopia demanding situations, to unlock a unique loading display that leads you to a loose object hidden someplace around the sport’s map.

Star Location Guide

Every odd-numbered Utopia task you entire will give you the threat to find a hidden Battle Star as a way to stage your Battle Pass up through one complete tier while gathered. Sure enough, this is the praise that awaits if you complete 9 weeks’ really worth of Season nine challenges. But first, you may want to find it. Fortunately, this week’s Battle Star is reasonably smooth to find. Once you’ve completed enough demanding situations, you’ll unlock the loading display pictured beneath. This one shows off Brite Bomber, carrying her beachwear from the continued 14 Days of Summer event in a skate park. Look intently at the bottom right of the image but, and you’ll see a drawing of a Battle Star scrawled onto the ramp. That’s the clue that’ll lead you to the item.

The Battle Star is depicted above a car. It is surrounded with the aid of velvet ropes, and there takes place to be simply the sort of automobile inner Mega Mall, so it’s in which you will need to visit gather it. Make your manner to the region, and the automobile can be smooth to identify; stroll in through the principal front, then go into the room to the left of the fountain. Once you find the automobile, the Battle Star will seem above it whilst you approach, just as pictured. Collect it and end the healthy to level your Battle Pass up. If you want extra help finding it, we have marked the Battle Star’s place on the map beneath; you can also watch us collect it inside the video on the top of this manual.

Battle Stars aren’t the handiest bonus you can accumulate for completing Utopia challenges. Each even-numbered one you clear will lead you to a free For byte. Those may be picked up by way of every person who has a Season 9 Battle Pass, whether or not you’ve, in reality, completed their corresponding task. However, you’ll only be able to locate those unfastened Battle Stars if you’ve completed the considered necessary demanding situations; they may not seem in the game in any other case, so you can not certainly go to the proper place and count on to find them if you haven’t finished the important paintings.

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