Keanu Reeves is constructing high-cease motorbikes – the use of wheels and elements from Joburg

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When movie big name Keanu Reeves released ARCH Motorcycle 5 years in the past, his high-end motorcycle agency turned to a South Africans producer to supply the carbon-fiber wheels.
Blackstone Tek (BST) is a world leader inside the design and manufacturing of carbon fiber wheels for bikes.
The organization became founded by Gary Turner, a South African bike racer, who later managed European and American motorbike race teams before he commenced designing and constructing his very own custom bikes. Turner started experimented with carbon fiber, that’s 5 times stronger than metal, however a great deal lighter. Microscopic threads of carbon (a nonmetallic chemical element) are woven together to create the cloth.
Turner, in the end, opened a manufacturing unit in North Riding, Johannesburg, wherein he builds wheels and different parts for motorcycles and motors internationally.

“We make the most superb elements out of carbon fiber – it’s the precise cloth for engineering when you genuinely understand what you’re doing. It’s mild and sturdy and makes perfect experience while your aim is to reduce weight and growth strength,” says Terry Annecke, co-owner of the commercial enterprise.
Turner and Annecke met Reeves’ enterprise accomplice, the American motor-cycle clothier Gard Hollinger, a few years in the past. Hollinger has become partial to BST wheels, which he used for his own custom-made bikes. This dating persevered after Hollinger based Arch with Reeves, and all their bikes used BST wheels from the start.
“They each simply love the paintings we do – it’s beautiful, very clever, and meets their very specific requirements, and we supply wonderful value. No-one else can do what we do and that they recognized this early on,” says Annecke
ARCH Motorcycles, based in California, builds high-stop motorcycle priced at a minimum of $ seventy-eight,000 (R1.1 million) every.
Its flagship model is the KRGT-1, or the “Keanu Reeves GT, model 1”, with a 2,031cc dual cam engine that produces 121 horsepower.

Of overdue, BST has also supplied Arch with different carbon fiber elements, consisting of gasoline cells (which are utilized in tanks), frames and fenders.
These parts are included in Arch’s new S1 and KRGT bikes.

Annecke says the Arch designs are “sincerely available”
“They want actual professionals who can translate that into lovely, practical carbon parts. That’s BST and we’re their chosen technical partner and one-prevent-shop for all their carbon fiber work.
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