The Most Reliable Sports Car in The Last Five Years

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Ah, sports cars, we all want one or more for ourselves. Typically, these are aspirational vehicles where you imagine going fast with the wind in your hair, the engine roaring, and showing off to your neighbor. Due to their superior nature and particular purpose, these cars are usually seen as accuracy-engineered vehicles that need top-dollar investment and comprehensive maintenance plans. However, this varies from one manufacturer to another. But what has been the most reliable sports car in the last five years? The Audi TT.

Audi TT review

While people are not encouraged to buy used sports cars, it is not bad. The Audi TT is a compact automobile with quite a stylish build and is effortless to drive. It does not offer the sporty driving experience of the BMW 2 series. However, due to a range of subtle tweaks, it features a magnificent interior and has an impressively sporty appearance. Though, it would be best if you inspected it thoroughly. The rear and front bumpers feature different air intakes and a splitter, similar to the Audi TTS model. Plus, the side skirts feature sharp bulges projecting behind the car’s doors. The Audi TT comes in a wide array of colors, from blue to orange.

The cabin is among the most prevalent features in this vehicle, thanks to the driver’s three air vents, neat design, and large digital display. The interior is somewhat different from the previous version, which is not bad. It is undoubtedly better than some sports cars` dull interiors. On the other hand, the Audi TT is not as spacious as most sports cars. There is enough space for one passenger and driver to get comfortable in the front, but the back is not as comfy. But, if you’re driving alone or with one passenger, this sports car has enough space to accommodate you.

Its small and lightweight construction translates to its feeling fast in less spacious country lanes, yet it still features enough power from the 2-liter engine to make pressing the accelerator worthwhile. While it might not be as fast as other sports cars with more potent engines, it comes with four-wheel drive, offering you more poise on slippery or unfamiliar roads. Besides, driving for extended periods is relatively quiet at high speeds and relaxing, mainly if you buy the automatic gearbox model.

The automatic gearbox works effortlessly and responds swiftly to the pedals. You can also get the Audi TT with a self-parking mechanism to reduce the menace of low-speed bumps. What’s more, the light controls make it feel like a hatchback when maneuvering in traffic. Well, there you have it, a review of the most reliable sports car in the last five years! This is what makes the Audi TT an excellent all-rounder. Overall, it is a great vehicle to drive along a quiet road, yet it moves like the Audi A3 when you’re looking to get the wind in your hair as you head home.

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