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The Right Materials for Building Durable Police Car Graphics

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When there is a cop car speeding across the town, with all those flashing lights and sirens, the bold police car graphics that adorn its sides aren’t just there to look good; they have an important role to play in public safety, too.

Nevertheless, not all police car graphics are created equally. They can be made with different materials, designs, colors, and other details.

Selecting the right materials can be the difference between peeling decals within months and those that survive extreme conditions for many years.

Understanding everything that goes into police car graphics is vital whether you are outfitting a single patrol vehicle or your entire fleet. So, what do you need to know to make the best decision?

Police Car Decals & Law Enforcement Graphics | SVI Police Car Graphics

Keep reading to find out.

What Makes Police Car Graphics Special?

These aren’t your normal, everyday stickers; rather, they are engineered to be highly durable, reflective, and weather-resistant.

Here is why these features matter:

High Visibility and Reflectivity

For police vehicles, particularly at night or under poor lighting conditions, visibility is key. Reflective materials ensure the vehicle is seen by other motorists, including pedestrians, thus enhancing the safety of both officers and members of the public. Materials such as 3M’s reflective vinyl (which combines aesthetics with durability) are commonly used.

Weather Resistance

From scorching summers to icy winters, these vehicles need to be in use regardless of weather conditions. The graphics are tasked with enduring UV rays, rainwater, snowflakes, and even road salts for instance. High quality materials like cast vinyl are made with these purposes in mind so they don’t deteriorate under harsh elements.

How to Choose the Right Material for Police Car Graphics

When you choose the best material for a police car graphic, you have to take into account a lot of things – durability, reliability, how easy it is to use the material, how much it costs, and so on.

Some popular materials used for police car graphics include:

Cast Vinyl

Durability: High

Cost: Moderate to High

When to choose it: It is a good choice for intricate vehicle curves and surfaces

Calendared Vinyl

Durability: Moderate

Cost: Low to moderate

When to choose it: Best suited for flat or gently curved surfaces.

Reflective Vinyl

Durability: High

Cost: High

When to choose it: Improving visibility in low-light conditions.

FAQ: Common Questions About Police Car Graphics

Take a look at some of the top questions on the subject of police car graphics to find the answers you’re looking for.

Typically, how long do police car graphics last?

Depending on the materials used and the conditions to which they are exposed, high-quality graphics can last from five to seven years.

Can police car graphics be removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint?

Yes. Provided that quality materials were used during the process of installation and application, graphics can be removed without destroying the painting. In particular, cast vinyl is known for being easily taken off.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for police car graphics?

Cleaning them regularly with non-abrasive soaps, as well as avoiding high-pressure washing, will extend their longevity. These signs should be assessed periodically for any evidence of aging.

The Importance of Professional Installation for Police Car Graphics

Even if you have the best material there is for vehicle graphics, ineffective installation will make it fail. Professionals apply them properly so they stay put for longer and look good too! They know exactly how to work with them, especially when dealing with complex surfaces coupled with curves.

Where to Get the Best Police Car Graphics

It is important to pick a reputable provider for your police car graphics. Look out for companies that specialize in emergency vehicle graphics and offer warranties both on their products and installations done by them. One such company is Graphic Designs International (GDI) known for its world-class materials together with professional installation services.

Checklist for Choosing a Provider

  • Experience in working with emergency vehicles
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Professional installation services
  • Warranties on products and installation

Why Police Car Graphics Matter

High-quality car graphics for the police have several advantages:

Better Security and Reduced Visibility Hazards

High-quality police car graphics also help boost the safety of police and the public in many ways.

These graphics are available in reflective material and high-visibility materials so police cars can be visible by other drivers easily on the road, including in low light conditions or bright day light.

This becomes especially important during late evening and early mornings or in adverse conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or fog. The higher visibility of police cars on roads during these times of the day will reduce accidents and other dangerous events on the road. It also helps make it easier for other drivers to see police vehicles and move out of the way more quickly.

Professional Appearance

Professionally-made graphics also demonstrate the professionalism of a police department—high-quality graphics with no peeling and no fading indicate attention to detail. A more professional image can promote respect and trust in the police department, which further enhances the credibility of law enforcement.

Cost Savings

While the short-term expense might be higher due to the high quality of materials and professional installation, the long-term savings are tremendous.

Quality materials (such as cast vinyl) and professional installation techniques help the graphics stand the test of time and all that the weather and other elements can put them through.

In turn, this will cut down on maintenance costs because they will not have to be replaced as frequently.

All of these measures allow the department to save energy and money. High quality materials, paired with professional installation, will cut down on costs by mitigating repetitive replacements and repairs.

Professional Police Car Graphics: Start Now

Selecting the best materials for police car graphics is a critical decision that must take into account safety, durability, and costs, without sacrificing any of those qualities. If you know what type of materials work well for emergency vehicle graphics and why professional installation is necessary, the final product will be that much better!

To get started on the police car graphics for your department, contact Graphic Designs International. Their team of experts will advise you on the best materials and design options, while also offering professional installation tailored to your departmental requirements.

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