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Young North Koreans spend big on electric bikes and smartphones

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Electric bicycles and smartphones are expensive in North Korea; however, high fees have not deterred those gadgets’ popularity for some u. S. A .’s teenagers. “These gadgets are trendy amongst younger human beings in important North Korean cities like Chongjin,” a supply in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK. “People even starve themselves to shop for enough cash to buy them.” Electric bicycles and smartphones are reportedly famous in foremost cities like Pyongyang. E-motorcycles permit younger marketers to deliver goods from one location to another speedily, while smartphones offer a manner to speak and conduct virtual money transfers. Young North Koreans compete with each other to shop for the ultra-modern model of these products. They aren’t getting rid of with the aid of the pricey charges, the source said. An electric motorcycle, for example, goes for three 000 to 4,000 yuan, or three.Four-four.Five million North Korean won.

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One kilogram of rice in North Korea costs 5,000 North Korean received, which means that an electric-powered motorbike expenses an equal extra than 900 kilograms of rice. North Koreans usually devour around fifty-nine kilograms of rice in keeping with the year (in line with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), so the fee of an electric motorbike is sufficient to buy rice for 15 human beings for 12 months. A separate source in North Hamgyong Province also mentioned that South Korean products, including domestic appliances, are popular in Chongjin. “South Korean merchandise like fridges, rice cookers, TVs, Ottogi jjajang (black noodles), and various varieties of seasonings are famous. People buy those objects thru individuals who sell them at their houses, not neighborhood markets,” she stated. “It’s sincerely tough to shop for South Korean merchandise in China. People need to pay bribes to customs officers, so it’s pricey to convey them. It’s safer to shop for them in Chongjin than in China or South Korea, even though they’ll be more expensive here.”

Meanwhile, North Korea’s continual energy problems are making it tough for people to use electric appliances in their houses.
“Families that get energy can use their rice cookers; however, people who don’t just position their rice cookers out for the show,” the initial source reported. Some families can turn on the lighting or watch television because they have solar panels. Still, solar panels do not provide sufficient power to strengthen excessive-energy merchandise like rice cookers and refrigerators. “People recharge their electric motorcycles at their factories, now not at home,” he said. “Factories always have a regular glide of electricity. Factory managers even make cash by charging people for using electricity to recharge their bikes.”

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