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A Look Back: Dillinger financial institution theft in South Bend drives push for custom Studebaker for police

Late on Saturday morning, June 30, 1934, the closely armed John Dillinger gang robbed Merchants National Bank on Michigan Street in downtown South Bend.
Police officer Howard Wagner became killed while he approached the crowd as they had been making they go out from the bank. After a shootout with a detective, two law enforcement officials and jeweler, the criminals made their getaway with the police in warm pursuit.
Several people remembered seeing the crowd’s black Hudson automobile pulling far from pursuing police as the robbers and law enforcement officials went racing out West Washington Street.
The South Bend bank theft become Dillinger’s remaining. He was killed approximately 3 weeks later in Chicago. It becomes apparent that the South Bend Police Department was outgunned and outrun at some stage in their efforts to prevent the robbery and seize the thieves. In response, the Studebaker Company custom designed a 1934 President for the department.
This specific automobile boasted an effective motor, a gun porthole inside the windshield, and armored baffles to shield the radiator and tires. Although the police were now ready to fight “fire with fire,” the “Dillinger Car” was by no means truly used for crook pursuit. A few years later, the South Bend Police Department’s solution to John Dillinger changed into demolished in a spoil.
Other police departments advanced armored police vehicles similar to the South Bend Dillinger Car. Canton, Ohio, changed a 1937 Studebaker President with many of the same capabilities, but it also had armor plating around the car body and 1-1/eight inch thick bullet-evidence glass. The changes improved the weight of the auto via almost a ton and positioned a final price tag of $five,400 on an automobile that retailed for approximately $1,2 hundred. The simplest answer would be this: customized car covers are made specifically for a certain type of car. Whether you have additional attachments in your car that makes it hard to completely cover when parked outdoors, customizing the cover will easily solve the problem as the attachments will be included in considering the size and the final look of the cover. You never have to worry about replacing your side mirror with funky looking, irregularly shaped ones for that matter as you can customize the cover to have a mirror packet intended for your new set of mirrors.
Why not have those pre-made covers?
Pre-made covers have that one size fits all air to them which proves to be a little bit of a problem for some car owners. Once you have a pre-made car cover for your car, you should be very lucky to have one that will perfectly fit with all the nooks and crannies in it. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a cover that is ill-fitted and you will really have to accept the fact that it will not be able to provide the expected protection that your car needs from it.
All cars have different dimensions. Even if you are having a certain car model, there is a tendency that you will customize your car according to your preference. The changes that you make on the design of your car could affect its dimensions. Instead of being challenged with an ill-fitting cover, have one customized for your car.
Customized car covers add up beauty and elegance to your car even when covered. A perfectly fitted cover will bring out the best form of your car, highlighting its shape even though it is hidden under the covers. Aside from maintaining a good shape, a customized car cover can be made with materials of your own liking. From the type of fabric down to its color, you can have full control over the final product.
You can choose from among different types of fabrics that will suit your car’s needs. You can have breathable fabric that is both water and UV proof for the car to be protected when parked outside. A padded material would be great for bump and dent prone areas such as the garage, the park, or even under that tree on the parking lot.
However one may put it, customized car covers are very effective not only in giving protection but as well as maintaining a car’s aesthetic properties. This should be put into consideration when having a new car cover so it can be used to its full potential thereby not wasting any of your money.


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