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Happy Holi 2019: Top five recommendations to preserve your car safe & what to do if you haven’t

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Holi – the pageant of colors is here and most folks are excited about the pleasure and festivities the event has to offer. However, there ought to be a lot of you who have to be demanding approximately the one you love vehicle as to a way to maintain it protected and away from the insanity round. Now you don’t want to worry as we have provide you with some useful pointers to your vehicle so you remain worry-loose this Holi. These simple pointers aren’t best easy to implement however additionally ensure protection in your vehicle ultimately. Now, with only a day to go for Holi, right here is what you may do in less time to do the needful. Furthermore, we additionally tell you what you should do if the damage has been carried out already.

Use Car Covers
First and principal, it’s miles recommended to park your vehicle internal a closed parking rather than out in the open. Still, in case, you need to park your vehicle inside the open, use a automobile cowl. Make sure which you cowl your vehicle proper from the roof to the wheels so that each and each portion of the car is included and the knots are tied up properly.

Using Car Wax and Teflon coating
In case you want to take your car out on Holi in an surroundings where it is exposed to the damaging colorings, we advocate you to apply vehicle wax first because it that now not handiest protects the paint from the colours but also from the dangerous UV rays. Car wax is effortlessly available at your nearest auto shop or online at plenty cheaper expenses. Moreover, if you want extra protection to your automobile, a Teflon coating is the first-class thing that you may do in this regard. While a Teflon coating is more expensive as compared to car wax, it has its personal long time benefits.

Protecting the interiors
Just like exteriors, it’s far similarly crucial to protect the interiors of your car as properly. On the day of Holi, we propose you to maintain the steering wheel, seats and dashboard included with plastic. This will ensure that the cabin of your car remains protected from humans which are sopping wet in coloration and care the least even as jumping into your automobile amid the joy of Holi.

Keep windows rolled up
During Holi, it’s far counseled to keep the home windows rolled up always as no person could ever want a flying balloon or shade splash getting into the cabin of your automobile. As a end result, the colors would possibly go away stains and you do not want to spend your valuable time cleansing them up.

What if the damage has been finished
Tried the whole lot but nevertheless could not get away the colors from leaving their mark in your car? You can discover a service center close to you so as to do the deep cleaning of your vehicle after Holi. In case you need to do it to your very own, there are more than one vehicle care merchandise like vehicle shampoos to be had inside the market which might be gentler for your car, excessive in first-rate and clean on the pocket as properly. Furthermore, these are incredibly recommended over home detergent because the latter is tough in your automobile and may be harmful to the paint.

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