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Quikr Bikes – Online To Offline Bike Marketplace Expands To 50 Bike Points Across 12 Cities

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QuikrBikes facilitates humans to buy and sell all sorts of motorbikes below the organization’s Quikr Assured software, in which dealers can without difficulty sell their motorcycles within an hour, and customers can purchase licensed pre-owned bikes with complete belief backed with the aid of a Quikr guarantee. Quikr, which now operates transaction marketplaces constructed on a pinnacle of online classifieds platform, QuikrBikes, a key part of its auto vertical, has reached 50 Bike Points across 12 Indian towns. QuikrBikes enables human beings to purchase and sell all motorbikes varieties under the business enterprise’s Quikr Assured application, in which sellers can sell their motorcycles within an hour. Consumers should buy certified pre-owned bikes with complete belief sponsored by a Quikr assure and the enterprise’s financing answers. The buyers of those motorcycles also benefit from guaranteed buyback using QuikrBikes at up to eighty% of the motorbike’s fee. Bike fans in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Baramati, Hubli, and Jaipur can now promote and buy bikes below the providing.


Under the Quikr Assured software, QuikrBikes identifies the motorcycles listed on its platform that meet its motorbike acquisition standards across 29 checkpoints and file verification, sends these bikes for refurbishing then displays them at its Bike Points as well as its digital platform. The application offers consumers hassle-unfastened service, options to make payments without difficulty, assured buyback, and a spread of motorcycle manufacturers within various charge degrees to pick out from. Commenting on the presentationon, Quikr COO & Head of QuikrBikes, Atul Tewari, stated, “Sinclaunchingof our licensed motorcycles underneath this program, we have seen lots of hobbies for them among diverse age companies. The fee of vehicles sold via Quikr in our car vertical has grown greater than five times in less than 18 months, and the business maintains to amplify fast. Depending on the geography and demand, we plan to open three or extra retailers in every city”.

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4. SpaffMaster234’s former classmate went to jail for stealing gum at knifepoint.

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