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I located a dependable website online to shop for a bicycle on line – my hesitations over nice are gone after placing my motorcycle via its paces at the pothole-riddled streets of NYC

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The Brooklyn Bicycle Company makes excellent metropolis bikes that they promote thru motorbike shops and directly to purchasers online. I’ve been riding one of their motorcycles for a few weeks, treating it as roughly as I should test the first-rate. Overall, I’m impressed with how the motorbike is conserving up and with how it plays on city streets – particularly, the low price. This spring, I started using my bike to paintings maximum days. It’s something that I’ve desired to do for a while, but in the end got around to buying a motorcycle last fall (fantastic timing, proper?).

Biking to work has had a ton of benefits, especially for me. The most important motive I started to become was that I hate going to the gym. I like moving around and getting a workout. However, I discovered doing cardio at the gym is about as fun as getting a tooth pulled, and I’m not a fan of going for walks. I both need to find a crew sport to sign up for – and I frequently discover it difficult to commit regular time to it or rely on incidental exercise. Biking to paintings gives me 45 minutes of slight-to-moderate aerobic each way, during the time I’d otherwise spend at the subway.


Speaking of the subway, one of the most important blessings of cycling to work is that I do not get stuck managing unpredictable and common subway delays. Although I do get a piece sweaty biking into the office, it is typically cool sufficiently in the mornings that it isn’t always too terrible. Plus, my subway station gets so hot and humid that I get sweaty both ways. Ah, summertime in the town. I offered my motorcycle without an excessive amount of idea, heading into a nearby shop, talking to the salesperson, and going for a quick check journey, after which riding it home. I failed to genuinely take note of the logo, opinions, or anything like that.

However, more and more people have started identically shopping for bikes as just about the whole lot else: online. That’s what’s helped the Brooklyn Bicycle Company take off. The organization has been around on account that 2011, and given its inception, it’s sold motorcycles via a dual-channel method: by dispensing to shops across the US, in which anybody can purchase one, and via promoting immediately to customers online, then shipping the bike disassembled to a local bike shop, in which it is put together before you select it up. When Brooklyn Bicycle approached us in advance this 12 months, interested in being featured as an Insider Picks preference, we hesitated. The emblem seemed interesting. It provided sharp searching bikes. The prices had been aggressive compared with what we found in neighborhood motorbike stores, but – it is tough to decide pleasant based entirely on their company’s internet site.

Brooklyn Bicycle supplied us with a bike to check out to see if it held as much as our requirements, and we determined to take them up on it. I used the Bike Finder device on the enterprise’s website and got up with a version – the Bedford 3 Speed ($450). I discovered the proper length, and rather than shipping it to a 3rd-party keep; I organized to pick it up at the company’s new Brooklyn showroom so that I should look around. Generally, I decide on sportier bikes to the metropolis-style ones that Brooklyn makes, so it took me more than one mile to get comfy – I became used to using my hybrid. Once I did, I determined that within the hobby of checking it out well, I would have a few amusing; I decided to ride tough and beat it up. I took every pothole and each bump I ought to discover, rode on roads desperately in need of paving, and left it outdoor my building in the rain – and there is lots of that this July.

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