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The Health Benefits of Biking to Work

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It’s Bike to Work week—an appropriate time to strive to make your way to paintings on two wheels. But biking to work is well worth considering throughout the year: Commuting by motorbike is less expensive and more healthy than alternatives, says Ken McLeod, policy director for the League of American Bicyclists. “Survey after survey says that the happiest commuters are bike commuters,” he says. “You’ll note a new keep that’s opened, a new location to devour—it’s an honestly a laugh way to get to recognize your community.”

Health Benefits

And inside the beyond a couple of decades, people have taken observe. In 2017—the maximum current yr for which there’s available data from the American Community Survey—there had been more than 836,000 motorcycle commuters, nearly 70 percent more than in 2000. The range of motorcycle commuters peaked in 2014 and has slightly dipped considering then, but cities that have been prioritizing making biking more secure and greater reachable are still seeing their rider populace upward push, in keeping with McLeod.

Taking steps to grow the popularity of biking is worth the attempt, says Jason Gill, Ph.D., a cardiometabolic health professor at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In places that have made biking less complicated and safer, Gill says, there were dramatic enhancements to human fitness and, foremost, price financial savings in healthcare. “There is proof that the amount of cycling performed in the Netherlands has delivered more than half a 12 months to Dutch countrywide lifestyles expectancy and has brought about billions of bucks in economic gain,” he says.

Benefits of Biking

In 2017 take a look at published inside the scientific journal The BMJ, Gill, and associates checked out statistics that accompanied more than 263,000 human beings inside the U.K. For approximately 5 years, to peer how their approach of commuting affected their fitness.
They found that folks that commuted by motorbike—inclusive of folks who motorcycle handiest a part of the manner to paintings, taking an alternative like a train for the alternative element—had a lower threat for diverse cancers and cardiovascular ailment, and have been much less likely to die throughout the observed period.

These health benefits outweigh hazard factors like publicity to air pollution or accidents, says Gill—something other research affirms.
In large part, these blessings are likely due to the truth that bike commuting is an awesome way to satisfy physical activity recommendations, Gill says. In the U.S., exercising pointers call for adults to get as a minimum of one hundred fifty mins consistent with a week of the moderate-depth cardio activity or 75 minutes of an energetic pastime (plus at least two days of power-schooling exercise). Only approximately half of adults meet cardio exercise pointers. However, a 30-minute bike trip (15 mins each manner) five days every week at a casual pace is sufficient to meet those recommendations.

Cycling additionally comes with widespread advantages for mental health and properly-being. A current study located that places older volunteers who don’t often cycle on both ordinary motorcycles and e-motorcycles and asks them to journey for a minimum of half-hour three instances per week for 8 weeks supplied vast boosts to cognitive characteristic and general well-being. Interestingly, the e-motorbike riders progressed even more than normal cyclists on cognitive processing and nicely-being measures, perhaps because they spent more time outdoor driving.

Tips for Riding Safely

If all of that is sufficient to persuade you to provide biking to paintings a try, here are a few beneficial suggestions from McLeod, Gill, and CR’s motorcycle helmet experts. Make positive your bike is in the exact shape, especially if you haven’t ridden for some time, McLeod says. Swing using a nearby motorbike shop or area like REI, where you could get a tuneup and pinnacle off the air in your tires if you don’t have a pump. Wear a helmet. Helmet-wearing is associated with a nearly 70 percent decrease in danger of serious head injury in a crash. You want to do not forget fee, healthy, and comfort when selecting a helmet due to the fact you want to ensure you get something you’ll put on every time you ride, says Peter Anzalone, senior check project leader for motorcycle helmets at CR. It’s worth looking right into a helmet with an era designed to reduce concussion risk if you could discover one in your price range.

Find a safe route to work. If you need to trip to work frequently and a bikeable path is an option, you may strive first to do the shuttle on a weekend day when there are much fewer site visitors and much less strain to reach by way of sure time McLeod says. That gives you time to locate opportunity routes if any spots sense complicated. Ride in the street, and be alert. Cyclists should ride on the road, preferably in a motorbike lane if there’s one. It’s now not a felony for grownup cyclists to experience at the sidewalk in many locations, and cars pulling out of driveways are regularly now not equipped to stop for a bicycle owner who is at the sidewalk. Always be extremely respectful of and searching for pedestrians, McLeod says.

Communicate with pedestrians and motors. It’s beneficial and once in a while legally required for cyclists to have a bell to alert human beings in their path. Gill indicates using lights on your bike in any respect hours to assist make certain that cars can see you. You should additionally signal your turns and prevents them if you may. Rules vary by using country. However, you may commonly stick out your right arm for a proper flip or your left arm for a left flip. Still, McLeod says that you must prioritize keeping control of your motorbike over signaling, so practice in advance so that it feels comfy. Take it slow. “It’s now not a race to paintings,” McLeod says. You want to take it slow so that you arrive safely—advice that applies to car drivers simply as much as cyclists. Here are three motorcycle helmets that might be endorsed by CR and acquire top marks in effect absorption. For extra, test our motorcycle helmet buying manual and our step-by-step manual to ensure that your helmet fits correctly.

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