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Odometer for Mercedes Brand

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Today, almost any car can be set to freeze the speedometer. It’s no secret that this must be done so that the mileage of the car does not suffer and is normal. It is not often worth resorting to such a function, but if time requires it, then why not.

Odometer for Mercedes Brand

Mercedes Mileage Freezer

The mileage blocker mercedes brand is available to almost every driver who has the same brand of car. The basis of the principle of the device: complete or partial stop of the odometer, and thorough filtering of the speedometer on the digital bus. The most surprising thing is that the device does not feed itself in the auto system in any way, i.e. it does not appear or be detected, even if computer intervention is applied and diagnostics are turned on.

Often, the blocker is installed in the area between the instrument panels and a special connector, which is already initially available in Mercedes. It turns out that the car does not even need to trim and strip the wires. The place for the mileage blocker is already installed. In addition, the odometer works so regularly and properly that it does not cause errors, and does not create additional codes on the dashboard. What is the advantage of blocking?

  • You can calmly stop the mileage and come for maintenance to an authorized dealer.
  • You don’t have to worry about the aesthetic appearance of the car and its mileage, which only you know about.
  • It is impossible to detect the odometer by twisting with any device;
  • After installing the engine blocker, the car runs normally and without failures, as if no part was installed at all.

If you remove the stop filter from the Mercedes, then the mileage remains the same as it was with the filter installed. It is impossible to detect a difference in mileage or determine how long the device has been on the car. This is the main advantage of the mileage blocker.

What is an Odometer for?

Suspension of mileage readings is often needed so that mileage service can be extended. Also, the suspension is necessary so that the driver can extend the warranty service if his car has been working properly for more than a year and travels long distances. What else is important to consider about the odometer?

Installation is very quick and easy — and it is best to use the services of knowledgeable people. They will get the job done much faster than if you started figuring out the installation yourself.

A huge advantage of modern cars is that nothing needs to be cut and soldered. This means that the car will be in the same general condition as before the built-in device.

Activating the mileage blocker is very easy — just press the buttons located on the steering wheel.

No error signals appear on the speedometer, the panel instruments calmly transfer the installed part, and the navigation remains completely silent.

The rest of the car functions normally with the odometer setting, without interruption.

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