Custom Cars

Rare vintage car up on the market by means of smooth at Customs

An extremely rare BMW Alpina C1 is being bought by using the Malta Customs Department in an upcoming sale through tender.
It is a right-hand power specimen from a production run of 35 vehicles, most of which have been constructed left-hand drive via German tuning organization Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co. KG in the early Eighties.
This BMW Alpina C1 is based totally at the E21 and features the original Alpina Dash Plate (three-1781), custom Alpina interior, a decrease front lip, the shark-nose BMW grille, the exclusive Alpina lateral inexperienced/blue stripes.
The engine has been tuned to supply 168bhp, and the extra power is because of special Mahle pistons and a special exhaust and ignition device. It also obtained dry-sump lubrication and a short-ratio five-velocity gearbox.
Tenders could be acquired by the director fashionable (customs) at Newport Bonded Stores in Marsa from May 20 to 23 between 8 am and midday and from 1 to 4 pm and on May 24 between 8 am and midday.
The branch is likewise receiving sealed tenders, on the equal dates and instances, for the tale quale purchase, and removal, of various plenty along with:
• a Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth;
• a Mercedes Benz 116;
• Gold Jewellery;
• Footwear;
• Clothing;
• Mink blankets; and
• Plastic sockets
Viewing of lots, collection of tenders bureaucracy and further data can be acquired from the Auction House, Customs Newport Bonded Stores, Marsa, tel: 2123 7209 at some stage in the stated dates and instances.
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